Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Weigh in

Last Week ~ 161.2
This Week ~ 163.0
~ GAIN OF ~ 1.8

It seems that as soon as I get to a milestone there is a bit of self sabotaging going on.  
This week I worked out a lot ~ but missed 2 days 
Ate a lot of fried pickles , had b day cake, drank a lot of wine, ignored my band and binged on chocolate.
What did I expect.  I was trying to be "normal"
This is not "normal" even when I reach goal ~ which I'm thinking should be 135 -140. 
I have been a bad vegetarian ~ eating prepared foods and processed crap.
How do I feel ~ like garbage.  No Mas! Food does not equal celebration/ or an activity I must remember to fuel my body with it and not party with it! 
Tea is my friend ~ I must turn to the chai when I am craving crap

Enough ~ Here is the plan from today forward ~ I'll keep updating food as I go.

Tuesday ~ run 5k 
              ~ Atkins Shake/ soup/ and dinner w/ the girls 
Wednesday ~ Ride horses and MTB ~ Dinner with Inlaws - I'm cooking so thats good
Thursday ~ Turkey Trot or MTB ~ dinner at my moms and dessert at a friends house...must be on guard
Friday ~ MTB and Boot Camp ~ dinner at a friends...
Saturday ~ Long trail run 6 miles
Sunday ~ Long Bike


  1. I am so inspired by how you prioritize exercise/sport activity. I hope to someday find my inner jock-- and you're my role model, girl :-) p.s. Don't worry, that small gain will drop away in no time. Have a great holiday!

  2. Sorry about the gain. Hopefully it helps you to stop eating crap and make good food choices.

  3. Don't worry, that gain will be gone next week, Happy thanksgiving and enjoy your exercise!!:)