Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tour of the Shore ~ winning Team!

Holy Whose your Daddy and then some!  Our team won the relay ~ we even beat men! And no, they were not disabled - as a friend asked!
Totally a fun day!  It was super windy for the 2.5 mile kayak but Sue crushed it in 24 minutes!  The 11.5 mile mtn bike was fast and fun for me ~ 1 hr 15 min I think, and Ali killed the 4.5 mile run on the beach and through waist high water!  I'm am on such a high from the day.  I have never won anything.  My own mother was like "oh Ness! I don't believe it!"  Ha!
Here is a photo of my team and the awesome beer stein trophy with the bottle of wine I am drinking to replenish calories burned today.
Ali ~ kicking some running ass!

rough current

our fearless kayker

My first trophy EVER! And the wine I am downing


  1. Yay..congrats on the win! That's awesome!

  2. You are the WOMEN!!!!!!

  3. haha...disabled!! Put that trophy on the mantel!!