Saturday, November 19, 2011

I'm an addict....

Hi my name is Vanessa ~ I am an addict... to what?  Just about everything that I like ~ food, exercise, reading blogs, facebook, racing, people...urgh the list goes on.  At least its not drugs or alcohol.

I knew my main addiction would change from food eventually  ~ when I went for my psych eval before surgery, the Dr. said to be careful because it was obvious to her that I would become addicted to exercise.  She said to me with a straight face that I'd have to be vigilant that my weight doesn't get too low.  I nearly spit water out of my nose and fell off the chair laughing.  She was partially weight still needs to drop but I have the signs of an exercise addict: grumpy and irritable when I can't get out and run/bike.  I plan my day around when I'm going to bike or run and I look forward to it all the time.  I run in the morning to make sure that I get some cardio in just in case and then in the afternoon/evening I'll mountain bike or go to boot camp.  I just need to be careful that it doesn't get out of control...

I even took a look at Eddie the Dog this morning and decided he needed to loose a few guess who my new running partner is?  He thought this was awesome fun until we hit the hills at mile 2...then he spent the rest of the run sniffing leaves and trying to chase deer while I walked home...I think he needs couch to 5K. :)

This is Ed's idea of being active...


  1. I have all of those addictions...except for the exercise one. I don't think I will EVER be addicted to that one.

    Cute doggy :)

  2. Haha...poor Eddie! It seems like it's so easy to just trade one addiction for another. At least yours are healthy addictions!

  3. Ha! Eddie is too cute.

    I looked you up after I saw your comment on my blog. I love that you mountain bike! I would so like to try that someday.