Monday, November 28, 2011

What works

I am not a religious woman. Not in your traditional brick and mortar church and ceremony way. I am a believer in the Universe and Mother Nature and a greater power than myself.  I go to "mass" in the woods on Sunday morning....a place that is more beautiful than any church Man could build. I hardly ever pray....but I have been lately. I'm not sure if it's just saying my intentions and hopes out loud or just focusing my mind for a few moments each day...but I know it works. So in keeping with what works here are my intentions for today... Keeping it simple... 

Let me get through the day without straying far from my plan
 Run in the trails 
100 oz water
Eat fruit 
1 serving FRESH veggies
Protein First


  1. Something about seeing creation and being in nature stirs worship in our souls.

  2. Beautiful sentiments and photos...I share your feelings. Now if I could only share your awesome motivation and energy regarding exercise. One day at a time!