Sunday, November 13, 2011

Oh Hot DAMN!

Mountain Man Rocked! Or rather, I rocked Mountain Man!  5th Female overall! under 2 hours!
The run was super rooty and rocky ~ I taped the balls outta my ankles and walk/ran the first run ~ note to self: get faster at the run so I don't have to ride through bike traffic on the bike portion.  The bike kicked ass ~ 11 miles in 1:08 ~ bitches!
Getting ready for the second run at the transition area ~ the guys were all in from their race and thought it would be helpful to yell at me to go faster putting on my shoes ~ holy pressure! I told them to Feck off and carried on at a slower than snail pace.
Second run was painful and slow but on my way in to the finish someone handed me a beer so I crossed the finish line with a Black and Tan in hand  ~ my kind of race!!
And yes ~ the award is a shingle with 3 rocks glued to it ~ not bear scat as a friend asked.
I have more pictures of the race and will post soon ~  off for a recovery ride this morning


  1. Woo Hoo- You rock!! I am super proud of you!!

  2. Congratulations! You rocked that Mountain Man! Amazing results!

  3. Wow!!! V- you're awesome. And what a cutie, I love, love the picture. More pictures, please!

  4. Awesome job! 5th female overall, you should be very proud of yourself. :)