Thursday, November 17, 2011

10 things Thursday!

Ten random things in bullets = Woohoo!

1.  Exciting things are  afoot at work ~ mmm.. will give more details down the line but it made my day!

2.  Band is tight!

3. Missed working out 2 days in a row and have a fear I will wake up tomorrow mornining weighing it at
 241 ~ totally irrational but leading to very real anxiety! eeek!

4. Going to the movies tonight to see J Edger ~ I love me some Leo!

5. Raining, dark and cold as balls here on the end of Long Island = gross and a reason to put on my alcoholic hat for the winter ~ must remember not to do this or I WILL wake up at 241 again soon

6. Boot camp tomorrow night ~ I can't wait! its been weeks since I've been

7. Bike ride tomorrow early ~ to shake the legs out from 2 days of rest ~ really looking forward to it.

8. Ran a six mile loop on the trials ~ yep ~ running - you are my bitch!

9. It hurts when I eat anything hard ~ see #2 ~ I'm thinking I need to do liquids for a few days and see if anything changes ~ or head for an unfil

10.  Got stuck bad for the first time ~ whole wheat toast, you are no friend of mine.

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