Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weigh in and Plan of Attack

163.4....not a big loss ~ but I'll take it.  I got all confused carb loading last week and may have ate too much and then drank too much....oh boy.

Saturday is Mountain Man take II!  So This is what my week looks like.
Sunday ~ 1.5 hr mtb easy
Monday ~ 1.5 hr mtb @ night ~ easy
Tuesday ~ 5 mile run (2 on the road 3 in the trails)
Wednesday  ~ Ass kicking MTB ride with the boys
Thursday ~ 5 mile run or mtb moderate
Friday ~ Day off
Saturday ~ MOUNTAIN MAN 2-11-2

The training and exercise is the easy part ~ the food has been a disaster!  I start each day with a halo on ~ and then about lunch time it goes down hill.  The chocolate/sugar monster is trying to run my show! Frig.
I know I have to take it one decision at a time but lately all the decisions have been crap.
Perhaps I'll try the pouch test? Does that help get one back on track?
Also ~ does anyone watch Banded Wendy on youtube?  How the hell that girl trains and runs as much as she does on 1200/1300 calories??? I am dizzy at 1200 and almost passing out when I stand up...

Happy Election Day!


  1. I love Banded Wendy.

    The pouch test does help you get back on track, it helped a ton when I did it anyway. And lots of people are raving about it in blogland recently. :)

  2. I think I'll try the pouch test to start off the new year. I've heard that it helps to get your head back in the game!