Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Favorite Video Song Combo

Dawnya got me to thinking about songs that make me emotional.  Hands down its The Funeral by Band of Horses.  Since Andrew died this song really gets me in the gut, but I first heard it when I saw this video ~ it gave me goose bumps and chills.  Andrew was just as connected to his bike as Danny MacAskill (in the video).  He rode like a ghost ~ so fluid and effortless.  
His bike and gear was just released from the police department as the ME report is done now and case is closed.  Seeing his bike come home without him really flipped me out.  Its this time of year that he would be riding and racing.  Yesterday I caught myself wondering if I should text him and see if he wanted to come with me for a ride.   Missing him and being mad at the same time with a basket of feelings that I have no way of sorting out yet...

So this is what I am generally daydreaming about when I should be working ~ being able to be that free on a bike.

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  1. Vanessa, thanks for posting this. While it isn't something I'd normally seek out to watch or listen to, the video and the music really mesmerized me. Gorgeous. So freeing to watch...and very touching as a tribute to your friend. Life itself is so precarious and we're all so heroic, I think, in our own ways as we navigate tight and treacherous spots with grace...