Friday, November 11, 2011

'Twas the night before Mountain Man ~ Take II

Yup ~ tomorrow is the big day!  No snow in the forecast so the race is ON!
We are down to a skeleton crew ~ most everyone has other places to be tomorrow so there are just three of us going plus our mascot and support team, Sue.
I'm not nervous one bit like last time.  Nope, I am just chillin' trying to decide if drinking 3 glasses of wine will help my pace (a la Serpents back race).  Its the last race for this season ~ besides a 5k on Thanksgiving ... but that doesn't really count ~ no mountain biking.

Today I took it easy ~ light run in the woods and ate pretty well.  I am thinking part of the food problems (reckless eating and bingeing on sliders)  I've been having are b/c I'm not taking the time to chew ~ so I give up on solids and go for the sliders.  Oh and also the emotional part of it too.

This week I was pretty lame with the amount of crap I ate but by some divine miracle I lost a bit this morning.  Its the universe's way of motivating me to pull my shit together and keep going.
Message received.... Message received.
 ~ onward and upward...hoping there is a place on the podium for me tomorrow!


  1. Good luck!!! You've accomplished so much already. Rock that Mountain Man, girl! :-D