Sunday, November 27, 2011


I needed to have some kind of game to focus on so I signed up for the Holiday Booty Buster Challenge over at Run to the Finish.   This week I start training for the Hither Hills Half Marathon ~ its an off road race this spring! Three runs a week 2 shorter and one building distance.  Below is last weeks activity with the corresponding points for the challenge and then this weeks goals.  The best part about the challenge is you get extra points for eating fruits and veggies ~ two places this vegetarian slacks big time.

Tuesday ~ run 5k 3 points
              ~ Atkins Shake/ soup/ and dinner w/ the girls 
Wednesday ~ Ride horses and MTB 12 miles 4 points ~ Dinner with Inlaws - I'm cooking so thats good ~ vegan Lasagna and pumpkin pie
Thursday ~ Turkey Trot or  2.5 hrs MTB 16 miles 5 points ~ dinner at my moms and dessert at a friends house...must be on guard  had an affair with Banana Bread pudding from Magnolia Bakery and a gross amount of key lime pie ~ Damn u sliders!!
Friday ~ MTB 10 miles 3points   and Boot Camp 3 points~ dinner at a friends...had leftovers most of the day and vegan veggie pot pie for dessert 
Saturday ~ trail run 3 miles 3 points ~ drinks with friends and a family dinner too...
Sunday ~ Long Bike 3 hours 20 miles 6 points
Thats 27 points for this week...not too shabby

This week ahead ~ 11/28 -12/4 ~ eat more veggies!!
Monday ~ 6 mile trail run. MTB @ night ~ 12 miles   
Tuesday ~ MTB and Ride a horse
Wednesday ~ Short run 
Thursday ~ Ride horse
Friday ~ Boot Camp
Saturday ~ Short run 3 miles
Sunday ~ long mtb ride