Monday, October 31, 2011

Weigh in, More photos and a challenge

I know I should be measuring my milestones by NSVs and obstacles overtaken, races done and the like, but dammit that flippin scale rules me.  So to embrace it and take that bitch down I am challenging myself to reach 149 by Dec. 22 ~ the day before we head back to Ireland.  There is just something about the 160s that is pissing me off.  And the 140s look real nice from here.
How am I going to do this ~ you may ask?  By following the rules! and tracking the muther F out of my calories and being brutally honest.
I am adding a few extra pix from yesterday and I had my Mo take one of me this morning ~ I hate all of them. Well maybe not the one of me bundled up in a scarf.  I am so disappointed with how I look.  In my head I think I am much smaller and then when I see the pix I get so frustrated.  It might be b/c I hang out with women that are elite athletes and have 0 body fat and are sizes 2-4.  urgh.  Not that I want to be that small ever ~ I love having curves and yes some junk in my trunk ~ but I'm still just always surprised by the pictures.

So I guess this post could be considered a rant... ~ should have put this at the top as a warning.
Happy muther flippin monday...Weigh in 164

This was this morning ....10-31-11 164

Thats me all muddy in purple

Super Athlete and me (in scarf)

The girls at Serpents back race  ~ What the frig with this? 


  1. I think you look great, but we all have to be happy with what we see in the I am behind you and you can do this!

  2. You can do this. By the way - I think you're GORGEOUS lady. I can understand that you feel the image in the mirror may not match your current self image. I have that every time. However, you look amaze-balls.

  3. I totally know what you mean about feeling thin until you see pics... I felt the same way a few years ago when I got down to 180. Don't worry... You're looking great and you're fit. Hang in there.

  4. I personally think you look great. However, your goals sounds like a really good one and I know you can do it.

  5. Okay, you're entitled to those feelings...a long as you also realize: You're one of my s/heroes in banded cyberspace, not just for the band but the way you get out there and attack life, and for the way you unleash that athlete inside you (I'm still working on a flight of stairs) and for your vegan diet and for your obvious love of the outdoors and your general fearless Xena Warrior Princess attitude. All the photos look really really good to me!

  6. Oy - happy muther flipping Monday indeed. You're so gonna get to your goal! I know it!

  7. Remember it matters how you feel when you look in the mirror and internally and eventually you'll begin to like what you see in pictures as well!

    Just think, "Remember when I was [insert starting weight] and how bad I really looked? See me now!" :)

  8. You look amazing! I know you will achieve your goals!

  9. YOU LOOK AWESOME!!!!! I get what you are saying. I always feel like looking at myself at all points between now and my goal sucks... I think we judge ourselves so much more harshly than others do. I am so proud of you!! You are one of my biggest inspirations. You are an athlete and that is AMAZING!!!! Take care and keep you chin up! BIG HUGS!!!!!