Saturday, October 15, 2011

Week wrap up and some photos

So here are some fun facts after going to the Dr for a fill

1: I have 8ccs now...after the fill she said "be careful - it might be really tight"  It was all I could do not to say "that's what she said" ~ I'm so mature..
2.  She was right ~ my band is super tight ~ and I like it!
3. My fat % went from 49.6% pre-op to 36.4% ~ soo cool
4. Fat mass was 119.8 pounds and now its 62.2 pounds ~ really cool
5. BMI went from 40.1 to 28.8 yesterday! Whose yer daddy??  oh, I am!

Riding on the beach for a vista cruise ~ one of these days I'll get a full picture up

This week was pretty super. I'm getting back on track with life in general.

  • Stayed off the wine 
  • worked out a bunch 
  • Decided to race Mountain Man in NJ on Oct 30th ~ peer pressure is a bitch and I really want another race sweatshirt.  This time I'm doing the run and bike (2mile run 10mile bike 2mile run)   I've been back in the woods trying my best to stay upright and not sprain my ankle again running
  • I really like riding with boys and chasing them through the woods ~ small ego boost and tons of fun
  • Last night I rode in the rain and then sun came out making the best double rainbow ever ~ I know it was Andrew  (crappy blackberry photo ~ but u get the idea)

That about sums it up ~ I have a pot luck dinner tonight with all my peeps ~ I'm bringing tofu/coconut rice
Lets hope I can get some solids in...


  1. Hope this fill is just what you need. Glad you're getting back into a good routine!

  2. Who is yer daddy??? Wow! Good for you, I am going to borrow some of your awesome motivation and great work and get my ass back in the saddle, so to speak.
    Let's hear how 8 cc's goes for you. I am currently at 7 cc's (having recently taken out .5) and I'm afraid it's too loose... bleh.

  3. Beautiful rainbow- new beginnings!
    You look great in the picture too. Mountian Man sounds pretty intense.