Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Its on! ~ Edited

Its no longer about peanut butter and being vigilant.  Its full on war.  The ugly sugar addict and chubby girl have taken over.  Yesterday was a complete FAIL.  I did get in two mtb rides ~ the only highlight of my day.

First of all Thank you to Lap Band Girl for posting the band removal video this morning.  This really scared me shitless.  I had a big binge yesterday and have been trying to turn it around.  After seeing that video it really struck home that I need to put on my big girl panties or Athena's Battle gear and take this more seriously.  I have been depending on the band too much to stop me.  Its on vacation when I make poor decisions ~ so its up to me.
Truth is, I have a sugar addiction.  When I am off the wine ~ I am on the sugar.  This must stop.  I know life is not all or nothing but right now it has to be.  

I'm gonna be in a bad way today around lunchtime so I may be reaching out to a few of you for moral support today.

~ New Edit ~ Just watched Bandedwendy and Blakkandi's videos today!  Just what I needed .. a good kick in the ass and some warrior chicks who have won the war!!  Booyah!!!  

Each moment, each decision is a battle.  If I start to win a few, I can win the war...

Battle of the Giants led by Athena


  1. You'll be fine!!! Everyday it gets easier and easier!! Or so they tell me!

  2. You're gonna win this war for the simple fact that you're able to admit there is one that needs to be fought! Keep up the great work. (And that video scared me, too!)

  3. I love banded wendy!!! stay strong girl - fight the good fight! we're all in this together! I am a DEFINITE sugar/carb addict myself!!

  4. It's on like donkey kong! Haha!