Saturday, October 8, 2011

Angry Riding...

As you all may know I am all about MTB.  Lately I have been going through a tough patch and have been riding my bike rather aggressively.  This is good and bad.  The good is that I'm faster than ever and dropping weight again.  The bad is that I'm taking a lot of risks and crashing more often.  
Now in the past when I would get angry or upset...the answer was always food until I felt sick.  Now it seems the only outlet I have is racing through the woods blindly until I feel totally spent and almost sick. 
This seems all well and good except that now when I drive...I am driving the car like I'm on the bike...
Super cool for rally racing...not so cool for driving around town....
For all those in the UK ~ I am the Stig...and yes that is on the Subaru.



  1. I just caught back up on your blog... glad you're back. <3 Glad you took the time to mourn your friend that you needed.

    And for goodness sake, BE CAREFUL! :(

  2. I LOVE THAT!!! The Hubs and I are huge Top Gear fans. I love me some Jeremy Clarkson!!!

  3. Vanessa, please just don't do anything too dangerous.