Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mountain Man ~ the race that never was

I spent yesterday  resting and binging on oreos Carb loading getting ready for the race today.  We got an email from the race director late last night ~ see below

"Somebody just sent me an E-mail asking if MountainMan was cancelled for tomorrow.
 Ha, I told them, IT IS Mountain Man.

Sounds like the roads will clear by the time you all wake up.
Might be some extra snow at Lewis Morris.
Your trusty trail crews will be there extra early to assess the situation,
There may be some changes.  There will be Beer. 
It looks like the weather will be fantastic by the time the race starts.
Did I mention there will be Beer?
And Hoodies,
And prizes,
And Rocks,
Awesome bagels,
Other munchies,

Bring warm boots, remember, “Your soles are the window to your soul”.

So the race was ON!  6 am I met my crazy friends at the bagel shop and we piled 7 bikes, 7 people and tons of gear into the suburban and off we went to Jersey.  The roads got snowy and icy in toward NYC and I was getting a bit apprehensive about racing ~ I decided that it would be best to just hike the run and only do the bike if it didn't look too bad.
After 2 stops for coffee, 1 stop for the bathroom, 1 mad dash to Wall-mart for sneakers (it wasn't me who forgot her shoes :), we arrived at the race.  There was about 5 inches of wet snow and there in the parking lot was the race director talking to the state police.  
This did not bode well.  Did I mention the race is 130 miles from us?  

So after a cup of joe withour race sweatshirts in hand, we piled back in the truck and headed back east to ride a trail closer to home.  
The day was a blast! I was covered in mud and grinning ear to ear.  Lots of laughter, dirt, one separated shoulder ~ man vs tree, and one lost phone later we headed home Guinness in hand.
The race may be rescheduled for Nov 12th ~ in which case its ON ~ AGAIN!
I have some pictures below of the gang and the bikes...none of me..funny that.  Will post some soon, I promise
At the race having some coffee before we head back

Muddy dirty bikes after our ride

Doesn't look like enough snow to cancel a race in my opinon!


  1. Looks like ski weather! Besides, what's wrong with a little slush??

    Great photos - thanks for sharing!!

  2. I can't believe all this snow!!

    Love the pics!

  3. Sounds like you had a fun time even though the race was canceled.

  4. Doesn't look like enough to cancel a race for me either! Plus, the chances of snow later in the year just gets higher... but better safe than sorry. :)