Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Monday (tuesday) Weigh in and Goals

Starting the accountability again..
Here goes...Weigh in 168 ~ 6.6 pounds loss since 9/12 ~ given the emotional roller coaster I've been on ...not too shabby.

1. 100 oz of h20 daily
2. Cook 2x this week ~ new recipes.
3. Work out 6 days ~
4. Find another race to do this year...(Schiff Scout Nov 6th)
5. Go for a Fill on Friday
6. Stay OFF the wine...

Exercise plan for the week:
Monday ~ night mountain biking...Went with the boys and rode hard ~ woo 2 the double hoo!!
Tuesday ~ run 5K ~ hills ~ done
Wednesday ~ Day off
Thurs ~ MTB
Friday ~ Boot Camp/run
Saturday ~ MTB afternoon
Sunday ~ MTB ~ Sunday mass with the real fast riders ~ see if I can hang on


  1. congrats on the loss. I love your goals for the week. You will be able to accomplish that and then some. Keep doing you...because you are doing great.

  2. wowser!!!

    Good goals for the week! I so need to drink more water!