Sunday, October 9, 2011

Race Day

Pre- Race ~ me and Jeanine

Today was the Serpents Back race in honor of my friend Andrew. 2.5 Mile Trail Run, 12 Mile Bike 2.5 Mile Trail Run.
True to form ... I drank 1 too many bottles of wine last night at the pre-race party and felt like total Ass this morning.
Through the first climb in the "Valley of Death" my head was banging a la red wine, and my legs were groaning a la boot camp on Friday.   Then something happened, at the top of the climb I was actually feeling pretty good and starting to pass the guys.  After another mile I threw it in the big gear and let fly, picking off other riders along the way.  Total ego boost blasting past men while shouting woo hoo in my girlie pink top~!  

1 hour and 10(ish) minutes for the 12 mile bike portion of the race! Damn it feels good.  I didn't win anything today but am still on a high from passing the boys and actually realizing that I am pretty fast dammit!

 Today I felt Andrew with me ~ he would be carrying on about "fucking hammering it" or "Blasting past people" or "having lungs in your legs" and we would have ended the day with a beer at "the bloated tick" (our nick name for our imaginary bar).
Missing him today...big time.

Post race in our Serpents Back Race hoodies!


  1. You so rock!!!! Wow, I am so impressed,hangover and all! ;)

  2. You are amazing! I'm sure you're friend was watching you with pride! :)