Friday, October 7, 2011

The PLAN>>>

One day, one moment, one decision at a time...
Yesterday was a big day for two reasons...First it was my 9 year wedding anniversary with the the greatest man on the planet.  Second it was my six month anniversary with the greatest decision I ever made ~ my lap band.  How do I celebrate?

With Pizza, a brownie sundae and an attempt at fried oreos with nutella.....
It was one night ~ all decisions I made consciously, and fully aware that it was an "occasion".  The fried oreos were gross and  I only had 1 anyway.  This will not be the diving off point for an all out binge.  What am I going to do today to make sure that wont happen?

1.  Protein Shake and lots of water with chia seeds
  1a.  run with dogs on beach
2.  Veggies for lunch with beans
3.  Boot camp tonight 
4. be determined...
5. Wine ~ 1 glass 

Every day is an opportunity to move forward....


  1. I'm glad your back to blogging. Nice plan for the day. I agree...every day is an opportunity to move forward. Keep doing you.

  2. fried oreo and nutella sounds pretty nasty lol

    Love the "everyday is an opportunity to move forward". I think we tend to forget this.

  3. Good plan!

    Happy Anniversary!

    Happy Bandiversary!