Friday, October 21, 2011

IT's BAaaaak

I swore I would be able to stop it.  I had a plan.  I was going into battle ...and now it's back ~ and too soon.
Winter is knocking at my door.  The sun doesn't greet me at six anymore, it waits until after 7 and it runs away from me too early at 6:15pm.  Urgh.  I am now Slothra!

I think my original plan (August 16th) for battle was something like this:

  •      Have a trip to warm weather planned ~ probably going to Jupiter FL to visit my in-laws ~ this will     be cheap and easy ~ just how I like it
  •      Get snow shoes ~ just in case we have a snowy winter ~ so I can still get outside
  •      Take vegan cooking classes in NYC a few times
  •      Go to NYC to visit friends
  •     Have something to look forward to
What are some things that you guys do to deal with Winter Blues?  Other than moving to Colorado or South America?  Any ideas would be much appreciated!
Happy Friday!!


  1. Hi Vanessa, I enjoy your blog. I've been vegan and still lean that way so I'm interested in how/what you eat. I guess I'm nervous about what I'll be able to eat when I get banded (in the next month or so...waiting for a surg. date). Anyway, I also get Seasonal Affective Disorder blues (I'm in the Northeast too) and I use a Verilux Happy Lite lamp on my desk. It seems to help a little. Your winter plan sounds good. I'm thinking about snow shoes too! p.s. If you'd like to follow my blog I'd be glad to add you as a reader (for privacy I'm keeping it invite only) --just send me your email address to Take care!

  2. This'll be my first holiday season banded (not first winter, but still)... I hope we can both beat the winter blues as it gets colder!

  3. I really identify with this post. I detest the winter, and spend the entire season wishing for summer! Hope it goes fast for you this year.