Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I've found it - at least for a day - success!

My New Years Day (1/13/14) was an epic win - thanks Miss Lorie for all the inspiration you sugar free badass!

Yesterday, I went to yoga - which was super impressive because I sprained my ankle AGAIN on Sunday - not the worst I've ever done but still ouch! 

The busy season has started and yesterday was a long work day - getting the yoga in at lunch was a huge help - I was calm and peaceful all day - this is key not binging on crap.

Yesterday - 
I ate:
1/2 protein shake - blue berries, lite soy milk, soy protein, green vibrance and flax meal
atkins shake
1 cup vegan chili
1 sqare vegan corn bread - yum - I made this and the chili and it kicks ass
atkins shake
Chili/cornbread for dinner 
 Green Tea throughout the day

This was an epic combo - I can't remember the last time I felt so peaceful, happy and calm.  Must remember this. Also there is more daylight now and although its still winter - I know spring will come. 

Today -
Protein Shake 
8:30 Yoga
Chili for lunch
Atkins shakes to sub in 
 Inlaws for dinner but we are eating very healthy and so are they - so that should be an easy one

I've got to go to NYC tomorrow for work appts and a lunch with a good friend.  So I'll bring a few shakes with me.
Thursday - if my ankle is better - which it should be - I'll start running. 

I've been making time each day to be grateful for something - I'm actually grateful for a ton of stuff - but focusing on one thing at a time works best for me.
Yesterday instead of racing to the office I took 10 minutes and sat at the ocean - life is so huge and bigger than the drama...this made me happy.



  1. I wish I lived closer to the beach. I'm always so jealous of your photos!

    Hope your ankle feels better... I'm in the same boat :(

  2. You are a rockstar! The first step is KILLER! You keep it up and text me today if you need support! I love the grateful time you are taking each day, I think I will give it a try.

  3. If I could sit and look at that for 10 minutes a day I think I would stay peaceful and calm too! WOW! LOVE IT!

  4. hope your ankle is getting better. Love that photo

  5. *sigh*, I want to live near the beach. Instead I live in the frozen tundra where winter never ends! I'm counting the weeks until our Florida trip and hoping beyond hope that it's hot there!
    Great job on your goals. Keep up the great work!