Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day One ~ 2014

I am back in the land of the living.  So lets just pretend today is the first day of the new year - a week late.

Of course going to the Dr (I have no health insurance at the moment) and spending 130 bucks for her to tell me I'm getting better and probably do not need antibiotics helped.  

This morning - I'm treadmill bound - its 5 degrees outside - no effing way is the great outdoors an option...hats off to you Canadians (Leigh) - I'm just not that hardcore...yet!

I'm signing up for 90 days of yoga for 90 bucks - unlimited yoga for three months - yes please! 
So good news - my band is looser...phew...big relief.  Now to eat veggies and good food!

These area few things I want to focus on the rest of this week -
Adding in veggies 
Walk/Jog on the treadmill to start getting my lungs back
Track my food 
Fuel my body with whole food.

PS - my favorite thing about this week is the use of the word Vortex... it makes me smile...

Here we go! 


  1. Dollar-a-day yoga...AWESOME! I find when I pre-pay for a class (like my women & weights is $93 for 6 weeks of 2 hours/week class) then I'm more apt to show up and make it a priority (like scheduling dentist, lunches, etc. AROUND my workout) because I'm an el-cheapo and if I pay for darn it I will do everything in my power to MAKE it there. In the last 3 months of classes I've missed exactly one class. (Sick kiddo with the flu and a high fever, so didn't feel like I should leave her alone for an hour...)

    Good for you, great planning Vanessa!

  2. A visit to the doctor to tell our brain we are getting better is always a sure fire way. Always! Glad you are getting better and you are kicking butt already!

  3. Glad to hear you're on the mend - and I like the idea of today being the kickoff to the new year :)

    Now go do some yoga and clear those chakras, girlfriend!

  4. Yoga is awesome for you - especially your digestive system, which LAWD knows we all need help with. LOL

    Let us know how it's going. :)