Friday, January 10, 2014

I'm Jealous

Jealous of all you paleo/carb free protein eaters....

I've been following  a few successful bloggers - whats been working for them?  Besides exercise?  
They are paleo - meat eating - sugar free - lo carb - badasses.

Damn right I'm Jealous.  I wish I could follow that plan because it works.  Sometimes I think about it...but when it comes down to me actually eating flesh...I just can't.   I've been vegetarian or vegan for over four years.  I just get nauseous thinking about what actually happens to the animals and where our food actually comes from...factory farming etc.  I can't put something into my body that has sadness tied to it.  

So, this is not an excuse for failure - just me venting and wishing there was an alternative that wasn't processed soy or beans and rice...

Happy Friday!  Have a kickass weekend everyone - get out there and move your body!


  1. I totally understand this Vanessa- that might surprise you. The truth is, if I had to eat meat from animals I had known were factory farmed, I don't think I could do it. I've been sugar free for almost two weeks and ran 3 times and crossfited 4 in those 12 days. Have lost 2 pounds.... nothing like that to take the wind from my sails!
    You will find your own way! I completely respect where you are coming from!

  2. I'm jealous of the successful low-carbers, too! Especially since i've so spectacularly fallen off the wagon. LOL

    I'm recommitting, but it's so hard to get over the first week hump. Wah.

    There are other ways to be low-carb that are cruelty free, they have TONS of vegetarian options. Can provide you with links, if you'd like. :)

  3. Do animals suffer in the production of whey protein? The only think I can think of is that I do best when I have a high protein breakfast- easiest to consume in shake form (low carb, of course.)
    Anyway: keep going sister-- it's the journey, not the destination-- I'm glad you're back blogging!!

  4. V-- is there a way for me to email you? I keep my email private- but am happy to email you my email address privately to get in touch! Let me know.

  5. Not me! I coudn't do it and won't even try. Paleo has been called the most difficult diet ever to follow, and the least realistic lifestyle. I know it works but who the heck can stick to that for life? not me.
    I don't eat bread pasta or rice, but I'm not giving up cream in my coffee or a little cheese on my taco!

  6. I'm not sure if my other comment went through. But basically, you have to do what is right for YOU. You are awesome, just keep at it!