Saturday, January 25, 2014

Oh Hello Saturday

How did this week go by so fast?  

I'm so nervous - tomorrow morning is my boudoir shoot.   

You know that nightmare that you have after you lose a bunch a weight.  The one where you have gained it all back?  Yeah...I'm living that one.  

Good news - I have a friend who is a trainer - she is putting together a plan for the Yellowstone Half for me.  I'm hopeful but I also know me.  I've never ever finished or stuck to any plan, ever.
So, lets see where it goes.

Its warm here today - might get over freezing today...but then snow again this afternoon.  

I fell off the sugar wagon all week.  So there's that.  Sorry I have nothing upbeat to share.  Just wanted to check in here.


  1. Hi there- don't give up. Forget 'the wagon'! I think you create very unreasonable expectations for yourself, then you're really hard on yourself when they don't work out. Take it easy-- also: how about a visit to your band doc to see about an adjustment since you are struggling so much? I'm glad I went recently. Hang in there girl. NEVER SURRENDER, it is not easy, but it is worth every pound that you can keep off or lose from here. Gaining some back is not ALL gained back. Sending love!!

  2. Oiy, I'm the same with "a plan" I just don't know if I'll really do the Yellowstone half. I feel like a failure without a plan and then fail my plan because it is too strict. Balls! Hang in their V. We will work it out.

  3. I want to hear about your shoot! I ended up buying a Groupon for a Boudoir session last week. I'm thinking I will do it in a week or two!

  4. Every time I fall off the sugar bandwagon, I think of YOU! I know you and I both struggle with sugar addiction. Man, that's a constant battle, isn't it!?
    We're so cold here in Wisconsin that schools are canceled today and tomorrow! This is getting ridiculous.
    Stay warm!

  5. Keep checking in! Just one day at a time. So excited for your shoot!

  6. It's a constant struggle!!! Good luck with the detox!