Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Perspective ~ and weighin

Starting weight - 241 pre-band February 2011
Lowest Weight POST OP 155 December 2012
Highest Weight POST OP 188.6 January 12 + 33.6 pounds....
This week - 186.6 = 2 pound loss 

Its working....the no sugar plan....
Here's the thing - I fell hard off the wagon on Saturday.... I was feeling good.  Great even. 
Then I talked on the phone to my mother.....
Shit.  The cravings kicked in and it went bad.
Add in a stressful work weekend and back to square one once again.... but I know what works - I just wrote about it a few hours before I fell apart.  

And begin ...again. 


  1. I've kind of given up on the wagon. LOL. I have good days and bad days and at the end of it all, I'm aware of what I'm doing and I know when I'm getting it right and when I need to kick myself in the arse. Not that I've given up on getting off the regain, but I guess I'm a little more gentle with myself 3+ years out...


  2. That is awesome! Way to not let getting derailed keep you derailed. It seems to me that is what it is all about!

  3. One day at a time. One meal at a time. You can do this, Warrior! Kick ass this week.

  4. I've tried given up on the sugar. I always go back. I'm proud of you for staying strong. Ummm....only talk to your mom in the morning. That way you have the remainder of the day to fix any sugar you inhale. LOL

  5. I fell off the wagon today... 4 weeks I made it. What the heck happened? I am being kind to myself and swearing that it would be contained to today. :) Keep at it warrior.

  6. I can't do sugar in moderation either, and I've been way over the top with it for the past few days. Don't think of it as starting over, though; think of it as a continuation with an interruption, a blip. You can do this! Just remember how good you felt and you'll get back there.

  7. oh man that reminds me it's my mother's birthday and I need to call her, I shall call her from the car away from sugar choices :D because I anticipate after a conversation with her may drive me to sugar as well! sugar is that sociopathic dysfunctional friend that beckons you to do what you know makes you feel worse! Hang in there.