Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Early Morning Quickie

Day Two - I stayed clean -
Went to yoga - it was way more advanced than the last class - its  a miracle I didn't fall over. It was an open flow class - I really liked it though- super challenging

I STUCK TO MY FOOD PLAN!!!!!! Woo hoo! No wine with dinner - big pat on the back.

I'm off to NYC in a few mins - 2.5 hr bus ride - meh - but I get to read my book - loving - The Signature of all Things - by Elizabeth Gilbert.

My Plan today is simple - Focus on Tea and Water - and enjoy Manhattan - even though when I go there I get a bit overwhelmed and feel like a country bumpkin...

Still feeling calm, happy and grateful today.


  1. Staying on plan = calm, happy, and grateful :) Remember that next time you want to shovel sugar like I do lol. You're rocking it, keep it up!

  2. One day at a time! Enjoy the City.

  3. Im with Beth Ann-- one day at a time!! Hope you had fun in the big city. I heart NY.

  4. I LOVE when I stick to my plan. Makes me so happy. <3

    You are NOT a country bumpkin, I am. LOL