Sunday, January 12, 2014

First good sleep of the year! and weigh in


Finally! I took the antibiotics and had a good night sleep!  Praise Be!
And its warm here today, 45 degrees!  And the sun is shining! 
And I'm spending the afternoon with Mo going to art galleries.
And I'm feeling good - can you tell? 

Beth Ann posted this link over on FB for meat free high protien meals - I'm going to make a bunch of these - they look so yummy! 

Whats exciting about this week? 
~ 90 days of yoga starts Monday
~ Mo Joined the Gym and is on operation get fit too
~ Its going to be warm (40s)
~ I'm pretending tomorrow is new years day and I can finally start the training for the half marathon and launch my operation health 2014
~ Its sunny
~ Its warm
~ Its Sunny and Warm
~ I'm going to NYC on Wednesday - some of it is for business some for fun
~ 45 Days till vacation - Florida - motivation for getting my SH together bathing suit wearing....

Goal Setting - 2014
Weight 1/12/14 - 188.6 

Boudoir Shoot - scheduled for 1/26 @ 9am ~ check!
Weight - get back on the scale- lose 40 pounds - although I hate the scale I did most of my losing when I was weighing daily.  
Run 2 half marathons
Two MTB races
1 century road ride
Re-do gardens and landscaping at our house
Put up a new fence
Ride a wave 



  1. You can never underestimate the power of a good night's sleep. :-) And everyday can be New Year's Day...thank's never too late. Have a great week!

  2. You posted about good sleep and funny I experienced the EXACT opposite ... I'm a going to be dragging tonight

  3. Love the goals! You are going to crush this year!

  4. I hope the recipes are good. Let me know if there is something great, because I'm always looking for new things!

  5. so jealous your going to NYC and Florida. Your goals are inspiring!

  6. Good for you !! I'm with you'll the way.