Saturday, January 4, 2014

Freshy Fresh Dope 2014 goals

Today the cold is subsiding - I'm not able to work out just yet but my mind is less foggy and I'm excited to tackle the new year.  

Here are a few goals - not body or weight related:

Plan and book a family trip to Italy - we are taking my inlaws to Italy this fall and unlike our usual travel, this needs to be planned to the minute.

Learn a new sport - thinking about surfing.  

Do a boudoir photoshoot - my friend Jenn is the bomb and and has been trying to get me to do this.  Its a bit scarey but she swears I'll look hot.  So why not. Check out her blog here - Satinsky Photography

Double my business this year.  Yes - very daunting but I tripled it last year so double is doable. Mapping it out and  breaking it down to the daily steps I need to take are key.  Be consistant. 

Redecorate the house.  This may be pushed to later in the year as we are now soley on my income, because Mo left his job to pursue his dream of being a working artist.  So far so good.  I truly believe that if you do what makes you joyful -  the money will come.  At least I'm hoping like hell that is the case

Live on a budget - I've never been able to do this.  Not sure how to even.  I think its linked to my rebellious hatred of being told what to do.  This skill will be critical to our success in 2014.

Be more mindful and meditate - open my heart more.

And thats about all I've got for today -
Kitcheree is in the pot cooking - started the day with a protein shake and plan on focusing on protein all day.  Tomorrow will be a slow workout to see where my lungs are at.


  1. This is a great list! We had a blast in Rome, but it went by much too quickly. I am also trying to be more mindful, but it's hard, because I'm always focused on what's next...I want everything now. Trying to live in the moment and enjoy if for what it is. Good luck with your goals. Make it happen. Happy weekend!

  2. very nice goals...but I do have to say when I saw 'dope' in the title I immediately thought Colorado (where I live) and thought oh another post about legalized marijuana :D Love being from a state where this is what's making us famous :D love that your husband has decided to take the chance to be a working artist we went to the art walk (first friday)last night and chatted with a bunch of artists it was so cool....

  3. It sounds like you're planning an exciting year! Italy will be fun... I regret that I've not made it there yet.

    So I did a Boudior shoot 3 months before surgery. Even though I'm 105 pounds lighter, I still think the photos are very pretty, sexy, whatever...but I'll admit I'm dying to remake them. I'm holding out until goal! You will like it... it's sexy but not trashy.

  4. Awesome goals, V. You rock!!

  5. So glad to see you back on your blog, though sorry if the regain of some weight is the reason. Also sorry you have been sick. It's the pits, somehow worse right at the beginning of the new year! Some of your goals sound incredibly ambitious to me (the budget and business ones), but that doesn't mean you can't do them, especially if you break them down into concrete, quantifiable steps. Others sound fun and totally doable--Italy, the boudoir shoot. Just remember when you plan your Italy trip that it's good to leave some allowance of time for flexibility and for the unforeseen stuff that tends to happen. And as for the boudoir session: I'd say trust your friend and just do it!

  6. I keep saying I'm going to get up early and meditate daily, and it never happens. I even got one of those happy lights for people with SAD and put it in my sun room, thinking I could have soem quiet time and soak up the rays while meditating before the kiddos get up. Yeh, not happening. I'm too damn cold to get out of the covers!
    Great goals. Please take me to Italy!

  7. Great goals! Jealous of Italy...awesome!