Monday, January 6, 2014

Wow - Cold=Tight

My shit is tight....
I don't mean my ass or my life...but my band.
I've never felt it this tight.  I'm fine getting liquids in but solids not so much.  
One of two things has happened:
1. I coughed so hard my band slipped
2. I had been eating honey for my throat and it made my band sticky?
3. The weight I gained made it tighter...

Today was my first day back among the land of living - so I didn't push it just went to the office for the day and came back home - no treadmill today - will get on that tomorrow.
Today I ate - 
Juice: Carrot/beet/orange/lemon
atkins shake
1/4 cup kitcheree
lots of tea and water

Tonight I will probably do soup or a smoothie - I don't want to push it.

 A good friend of mine who is an uber health nut just started doing this cleanse twice a day - Its said to kill cancer tumors and make your body alkaline and pull out all bacteria - its aluminum free baking Soda found at a health food store and grade A pure maple syrup with water and lemon - there is a bit more to it - you can google to read more...
I just chugged a glass of it to try and kill this stupid cold once and for all 
Thats some NASTY shit.  I now feel nasuous.  She claims her boyfriend who has chronic Lyme Disease and has been sick for years feels 100% better after doing it for a week. 
I'll see how I feel tomorrow not sure I would try it again but if its for real....its good thing.


  1. You know you best - don't push it. Feel better and stay warm, too!

  2. I hope the gross baking soda stuff helps you kick the crud you've got! I've been sick for over a week, too. I wish it was having an effect on my weight, sadly only just in an upwardly trend. Wah.

    Hope your band loosens up for you!

  3. My band is uber tight too. I ate 3 oz of chicken for dinner. Nothing else. I've been stuck for 3 hours. Ugh. I have an appt on Thurs. Getting an unfill. This is redic. /nod Feel better Babe. Love ya.

  4. I heard on the news tonight some crazy 80% of the country is in a deep freeze. Definitely don't push yourself too hard. Sorry you are sick and tight. Boo.

  5. Tight bands are the worst! Think maybe it is the crazy weather? My band goes nuts when the weather is crazy... My mind always goes to a slip first though, always.

  6. I'm on a soup diet because my band is pretty tight too. Luckily I was stressed this weekend and cooked two healthy soups (because cooking is my new stress reliever-or more specifically the act of chopping veggies).

    Hope you feel better, let us know if you try the maple syrup baking soda mess again. Reading maple syrup made me think of pancakes :( lol

  7. Ew...that sounds disgusting. I'm sorry you are so tight! I just got an unfill, so I can totally sympathize. I didn't think about the fact that some of mine might have related to the cold.