Friday, January 3, 2014

Mic check one two what is this?

Abandoning my blog...Thats so 2013.....

Here we are. A fresh start, 2014 - I'm ringing in the new year with a real bastard of a cold and a blizzard.  My plans of biking on New Years Day and getting my running SH together are mere puffs of smoke in my nyquil/dayqil basted brain.   

But there is hope. 

And a new plan.

And a desire to feel healthy like I once did.

And to fit into my killer wardrobe like I once did.

Truth - I gained 30 pounds in 2013.  Yes. I. Did.

How? Basically two things happened.

1.  I drank too much

2.  I chose to ignore the warning signs and thought I was above the law.

2a.  Meaning, I stopped following the rules and spent way too much time partying.

3.  I regret nothing.....well maybe the excessive amount of french fries I ate

3a.  Seriously, I don't regret a good time

4.   Moving forward, I chose health over drinking and eating stupid shit.

These are the things I propose to do about it.

Love my friends and know that I don't have to drop everything to hang out all the time and even though they like to drink - I have to put my health first and that means riding my bike and taking care of me first and meeting up for party time second - I will not schedule my workouts around party time.  Its got to be the other way around.

Have a workout plan each week and stick to it 90% of the time - I am training for a half marathon.

The Band - it might be time to take some fluid out of the oh so tight band.  I have learned how to eat around it and have not been eating healthy

Food - cut out sugary foods and focus on whole foods.  

Here's to a new year! Fresh Start!


  1. OMG! Welcome back! Happy New Year! It's a great plan, Warrior! I also gained 30. Starting over renewed and rejuvenates. 2014 is our year. Onward and downward on the scale. Here's to health and successful goals.


  2. Oh my hell! I'm so excited about this! I'm come back too... maybe. Why did I need another blog? Can't I blog about it all where I was? IDK... I'm thinking about it!

  3. ^^^Ha... Miss Lorie, I blog about whatever the ef I want to blog about.

    Welcome back Warrior :) 2014 is going to be a good year for Weight Loss...I feel it!!!

  4. And you are so freaking hilarious! "Abandoning blog... so 2013."

  5. Glad you're back!! I'm trying to find the right balance for myself (still)-- but blogging always helps.

  6. YAY YAY YAY Vanessa is back in da house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best news I've gotten in a while. Welcome back sista!

  7. YAY! I'm back, too. :)

    Glad to see you again! FB just wasn't cutting it.

  8. Welcome back! So awesome to see an update from you :)

  9. I've always loved reading you doing you! /hugs 2014, a year for health and fitness. I love the loosening of the band too, I'm doing the SAME freaking thing this week. /heart U Warrior

  10. Amen sister! Totally with you on this!!!! Hugs!

  11. Hi!!! I just had fluid taken out and I'm hoping I will eat healthier as well. Looking forward to you kicking some ass!