Thursday, January 9, 2014


Ten Things Thursday  ~ 

1.  I went to the NY Botanical Gardens today with some of my best girlfriends to see the train show - was a fun day

2.  I felt sick again today - more stuffy nose..and return of!

3.  Orange is the new Black is my new favorite show

4. Boudior shoot set for 1/25.   game on!

5. Warmer weather is on the way - mtb is in my future this weekend

6. Tomorrow - tread mill to start the day 

7.  Yoga starts on Monday!

8.  I haven't been eating clean.  

9.  Love seeing more of you blogging again - its a big motivator for me!

10.  Here are some photos from today 

Frozen Sunset

NY Botanical Gardens Train Show

More Train Show


  1. I'm glad you're back and doing TTT again! I've always loved your TTT posts because I can count on nice photos :)

  2. Love the boudoir photo shoot. I bet you'll be very pleased with them!

    Orange is the New Black is AWESOME. I binged watched all the seasons in like four days. LOL

  3. Love Orange is the New Black! I need to make more time to finish it!