Saturday, May 26, 2012

Would you like some plastic with your juice?

 I was juicing tonight and I had a straw to test the flavor of my Kale, Broccoli, lemon, celery, pear apple cilantro juice.  Then I misplaced that straw and grabbed a new one.
Fast Forward a few hours - cleaning out said juicer after I drank up all the green yummy goodness - and hmmmm the remnants of my straw......doh!!!!

The juice front is awesome - I am definitely under my calorie goal each day (if I was one to count that nonsense).  I have little to no hunger and no sugar cravings!  Crazy! 

Went mountain biking with the boys tonight - 15 miles - 1.5 hours -yay - crushed it and inhaled an entire forest of pollen - only had 6 ticks on me.

I feel really great eating clean.  Its not that scary I swear....


  1. That is hilarious...and totally sounds like something I would do. So have you replaced all of your meals with juice?

  2. How many times a day do you juice?

  3. Are you using a high-power blender or an actual juicer? I'm sure you've blogged this, but I can't find it!

    Be careful with the ticks !!

    1. I have a breville juicer - saving up for a vita mix! Chris ,I try and email you back but your email is not turned says -

  4. we have the vita mix and love it. I make a shake every morning with 2 servings of veg and a serving of fruit, along with my protein powder. It's crazy!

  5. so if the ticks suck you blood...does that result in lb's lost...doh! JK! Jealous of the juicer!