Tuesday, May 8, 2012

99 Followers and a Fill!

I have 99 Followers!  This for some reason had made me think of this little ditty - your welcome - I'm just keepin it Gangsta and Doin me 

But I digress - this post is all about my fill:

I love my surgeon - She is the Shit - Payaal Mehta - AKA Pinky 
Such a sweetheart - she loves her patients and is always the one doing the fill so she can see how we are.  Every time she does one I have to drink the barium and we get to look at the band together.

Today we saw it go in and sit then trickle down oh so slowly - She said, "Now Vanessa ...can we both agree that you are very tight?"
I nodded.  She said even if I had 10cc and could hardly get a pin to pass through the opening I would still be able to eat tons of unfair.  She told me to stop eating cookies and crap - no duh...but it is like a cold fist in face when you hear it from the woman who spent an hour wrapping a piece of plastic around your gut!

I ended up with a .25 fill (yay!) - I'm now at 8.5cc I think...I was on liquids all day today and I totally notice a difference as I slurp my soup  (btw - Pacific Organic - new flavors - Thai Sweet Potato - off the hizay!)

She also gave me a stern What For - I am up 6# since my last visit two months ago.  Urgh! Did you know thatI am going to be a featured before and after in the 2013 Calendar? (Woohoo) and that she already put my name she gave me double shit.  This gave me the kick in the ass I need.  Determination Domination and Bikini Nation~ going Balls Out/ Balls In now!

I had to run the gauntlet of the grocery store tonight - I had to have tunnel vision b/c man ...everything shiny and sugary was beckoning to me...and I've been known to cut a bitch over some creme filling and butter cream frosting....but to my great joy - nothing came home with me....

So I got 99 followers......I wonder who will be #100.....maybe someone famous......or maybe even Oprah...hmmm how do we make that happen....

Peace out - oh and I'm still crushin on TT....I love me a southern cowboy who wants to save the planet!


  1. That is so awesome that you will be in the calendar!!!

  2. You are such a bad ass biotch! I luv you!!
    How freaking cool is it that you'll be in the calendar? Inspiring a whole new crop of bandsters

  3. When I read "99 followers" that is exactly the song I thought of!
    You go girl! Nothing like being a feature to make a girl think about the next cookie.

  4. that's so cool that you're going to be in that calendar. You gotta share pics!

  5. You should wear a bikini on your bike for the calendar.

  6. See we told you that you were a rockstar, now you get to have your very own photo shoot!! I can't wait to see the pictures they use. I am going to pimp that idea to my doctor.

  7. Want me to follow you twice to get to you 100? I totally would - just for you. xoxo

  8. Oprah would be a fun follower! I think I will be your 100!!! :)
    Is it summer that brings on sweets?? I've been dealing with that too!!

  9. Hi!! 8.5?!? Wow!!! I'm at 5.6 and can REALLY feel the difference! I wonder if they'll ever take me up to 8? Great job! You look amazing!

    About Muay Thai- it's Thai boxing. They use elbows, shins, and knees to fight. I call it extreme kickboxing but it's a whole other sport. I for this for 2 hours 3-4 times a week. Hope this helps!

  10. Wow, you're going to be famous! :) Sounds like you have a great doctor!

  11. I agree with Dawnya, bike, bikini... can't go wrong! How fun is that that you're going to be featured in a magazine?! I'm totally jeally. :)