Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend wrap up ~ and NSV

Memorial day weekend here was pretty crazy ~ I ran around working on Saturday and fought the crowds then ended with a great MTB with the boys.

Sunday morning  ~ met up with my one of my best friends for a MTB ride over some seriously technical terrain - rode 9.5 miles and it felt like 20. 
Walked around one of the villages that night with Mo ~ ate some FroYo - but it was worth it ~ We sat on the warf and looked at the boats - I mean giant yachts.  Listening to some of the conversations from the boats (yes - voices carry over the water) - my theory that yes money can't buy you class - was confirmed!

This is the Carpe Diem - it rents for 325,000 a week 
Sunday ~ MTB with girls out in Montauk and dinner out at the Dock - my new favorite restaurant - if they see you using a cell phone the bartender uses a bull horn to shame you into hanging up!  And they will throw out screaming kids!  My kinda place ~ 
NSV - I bought a little dress back in 07 in Mexico - it was tight then but I worked it - its been hanging in my closet ever since - and I wore it last night - it might have even been too big~ gasp!

Hot pink 2$  Flip flops = summer!
Please Pardon the Eddie butt in the photo - he is such a camera hog! 
Off for a run this morning in the steamy fog~ - gotta get my sweat on!
Oh and tomorrow morning is my very first road bike ride ~ Going out at 5am to avoid cars....stay tuned for the recap...
Juicing still going well - I did eat a regular dinner last night when we were out for dinner but I'm going to sweat it out now!


  1. Hahahaha, you are so right money CAN'T buy class!! We have some very cha-cha ski lodges in Montana and some of the people you see renting them....Trash dressed in designer labels. Sooooo funny!

  2. cute dress. and that sounds like a great restaurant

  3. flip flops totally mean summer! Looking good.....

  4. No appologies needed for the Eddie butt!! I love dog butts. : )
    So stoked about your LBD story hon. Pictures!!! : )

  5. Like the sound of the restaurant!! Cant wait to hear about your road cycle-you can go a lot further when youre not worried about twists and turns and treeroots!! I may need to try a MTB !!:)