Friday, May 18, 2012

Stress Release

Yesterday was the best of was the worst of days....
My open house was a success!  Yippy - lots of fun and a good turnout of brokers.  
For some reason...the other areas of my biz are crappy - people are behaving badly and NOT doing what I want them to..and things I thought were working out are not... pooh.  
Yesterday - food was not a prob...but I did eat candy b/c I was so pissed off - now that makes no sense!  I'm mad at others and so I punish my that not an obvious lack of self worth? Crazy!

So right after that I went balls out on MTB ride with a friend - crushed it in the big ring for an hour an half!  I was spent - definitely burned off those m&ms and then some.
I'm sore today - and I like it!

Going for  a run in a bit and maybe a spin later on...
I am most myself when I am on the bike, covered in mud and bug spray.  When the only sound is my heart pounding and the peepers chirping in the woods...I am defined by riding.
I really don't enjoy putting on nice clothes and going to work..there I said it.  I'd rather be outside getting my sweat on...
I attribute my stress eating to a horse that cribs or weaves from stress due to being kept in a stall and not able to run...

I got my book yesterday - Crazy Sexy Diet!  Love that Kris Carr!  It all makes sense and its all things I already knew - just renewing my knowledge...
Happy Friday - I leave you with a picture of my Sammy - who has decided she sits where she wants when I'm not looking...


  1. Congrats on the open house!!

    I have come to the conclusion that people suck.

    What a cutie pie, she is ready for dinner.

  2. Sammie is just doing her! I love it. Who wouldn't want to sit on the table and be closer to the food. Animals know what is what.