Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Change..she is a comin'

Rainy Tuesday - AGAIN!  How in the flip am I supposed to wear my snappy new flip flops in this crap?

So yes...I am here to admit that I have drank the cool aid and am now the proud new owner of an iphone 4s.   What was I waiting for?  My Bberry was making it impossible  to work at a reasonable yesterday I made the switch.....Dare I say I am fully mac now. ...
The only think I hate about apple is that once you have one their devices - they come out with the next version and then your current model becomes really slow and crappy.. ipad 1 anyone???

I am also the proud owner of a juicer - its a hand me down from a good friend who just got a vitamix (one day I'll own one).
Also in even better news...Whole Foods has opened a small (pop up) store in my 'hood! Here I come for organic kale/cucumbers/wheat grass and fruit!  
Yup I'm starting my crazy sexy diet tomorrow!  I am loving this book by Kris Carr and really needed to reignite my healthy warrior goddess .  So buh bye dairy, processed crap, still no animal products and sugar..and even possibly caffeine...Make Juice not War!

On the exercise front - TRXbox/bootcamp on Sunday was epic!  My friend just opened his gym in East Hampton - he has one in NYC (Exceed Fitness)  and we had been using another space for bootcamp or going outside - now we are @ "the Shed" in a commercial warehouse - super cool -there is even 60 feet of monkey bars - and I am totally sore all over - could barely walk yesterday - and I love it!  sore in all the right places!

On the scale front - tomorrow is weigh in - and I'll just say that I saw 159.8 a day ago - down from 162.2 last week...but I'm not convinced it will stick...


  1. Are you going to ask Siri if it's raining like that commercial with Zoey Dechanel (spelling)?? I swear that's a dumb commercial. Haha. I would love an iPhone 4S though. No shame in drinkin that Koolaid Warrior! : )

    Pics of the new flip flops! I insist. :)

  2. I want a juicer...just not sure I can afford juicing..I hear its expensive to buy all the vege's and fruit because it takes a lot to make one cup....but I really don't get in my vege's and fruit like I should because there is no more room in the band...seems the band only has room for protein!

  3. I <3 Whole Food produce!! It is the best you can buy at any retail store. Now all I can think about are the juicy pears I get there, may have to make a trip after work.

    I have wanted to try the TRX system but they don't have it at my gym for some reason.

  4. I want a Whole Foods SO BAD!

    I don't have a Vitamix, BUT I bought a Ninja and I LOVE IT! It is seriously amazing and was inexpensive. Check it out! :) I make all of my drinks in it.


  5. I would be lost without my iPhone. Please let us know how the juicing goes :o) What will you be making first?

  6. Love Whole Foods! And Trader Joe's. Wish both were closer, but well worth the commute. Rainy here too . . . I miss the sun. Congrats on the loss and the TRX endorsement . . .I may give it a try afterall. Cheers!

  7. I can't wait to drink the iPhone 4S koolaid. I'm gonna have to wait until my upgrade comes through, but hopefully by then the iPhone 5 will be out and it'll be much cheaper. ;)

    Glad you had fun at the boot camp. That sounds like something I need to try. :)

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