Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1. I still have 99 followers....Oprah where u at?

2. Rain Rain go away 

3. Going to my best friend's wedding on Saturday!  I'm super psyched for her.  I'm also super psyched for my dress...I love having two options in the closet and not sweating getting dressed the day of....Years past I would have been shopping in a panic the night before just to find something to cover my so much now!

4. We started construction on our bathroom is about to get turned upside down...b/c next we are expanding our bedroom and making our three bedroom into a two! gasp - but mama wants a king size bed and its the only way!

5.  Yesterday was a good food day! - Today will be even better!

6.  Going MTB later today ...will be clock watching until then

7. This fill is working - I was on liquids/mushies all day yesterday too.. today's plan is more soup and soft foods then beans and rice for dinner.

8.  Why is Juicing so expensive?  One plan I looked into is 75$ a day?  I'm thinking about buying a juicer but then I just don't know if I'd be religious about using it...hmmmm....anyone else out there juice? - Like green juices? Kale?  Thoughts?

9.  I'm taking yellow dog for a run this morning...he is looking chubby....shhhh he is sleeping on the couch and doesn't know my plan yet.

10.  I have made it 2 days without refined sugar....(I'm not counting honey) - I already feel happier and better ---that sugar really is a drug.   I've said it a million times but I never "get it" until it is out of my system and I start to feel normal again.  


  1. Wow, no sugar? I'm impressed :) I love sugar too much to give it up.

    I can't wait for you to join me in'll be here soon!

  2. You are so right, sugar is a drug of choice actually :) I can do without bread, chips, fast food...but I would seriously need a 12 step program (hell, it may take me 20 steps) to give up sugar

  3. I have been thinking about juicing but I want this expensive juicer and I am not sure I will use it enough...I am not a big vegetable person though and figure I can get that in by juicing...keep me posted!

  4. Have fun at the wedding tomorrow - and great job kicking the sugar! That's a hard one to break. :)