Wednesday, May 16, 2012

101 Followers! yay!

How cool is that!  101 people care enough to read my rambling adventure through WLS and the journey to change my life for good!

Its a stormy nasty morning here on the end of Long Island...I was about to bounce out of the house and go for a run and then all hell broke loose.  

So work out wednesday will start in about 20 minutes when the rain and lightening subsides.  

Ok ..still thundering and lightening out...waiting...waiting...

With all this time to kill I figured I'd do something constructive...a.k.a - pay some bills.... 
I hate money. I hate bills. I really hate not having money to pay bills....
When all else is right with the blooming..there is still this money thing that is always a problem...I know it shouldn't be a focus, but frig! I just want a break...I'm still struggling like back 10 years ago when I thought it was just temporary.  I know there are others that are way worse off and I am grateful for everything we have but it would be nice not to have to juggle bills and roll pennies to buy gas and food...

There is my rant for the day. oh and rain rain go away!


  1. I hope the lightning and rain finally quit so you could get your run on. :)

    Congrats on 101 followers!

  2. money sucks. Why couldn't we all just be born rich AND beautiful?

  3. Whenever I think about it. I always remind myself that it could be worse and one day it will get better.

  4. I am still waiting for my long lost rich family to find me. I will ask them to help out all my bandster buddies :o)