Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I am worth it!

I am worth it.  Cat keeps pounding this into my head.  Thanks for all of your support and positivity.  I'm feeling better.  

Been out biking and taking it back to the simple things.  Getting a Fill this afternoon - woo hoo!  I'm hoping it will help this hunger.  

I love this community of banded chicks!  Thanks for picking me up off the floor and believing in me even when I don't/can't!  

I'm reminded today to be thankful.

I'll leave you with a quote from Miss Lorie: "Today I am

 thankful for a loving Father in Heaven. I know that his

answers to prayers are a blessing, even when we aren't

 sure how yet."
- I tried to link back to her blog here but my stupit computer is behaving badly and won't let me -will try again later..

Yesterday - me n mo out for an evening spin

PS - I happened to catch Oprah's Master Class - Ted Turner was on - I'm totally crushing on him!
Check out his Voluntary Initiatives - HERE


  1. what a great peaceful...better it was even better in real life!

  2. Ha!! I saw the title of your blog today and I thought...Hey, I just told her that yesterday!! I am crushing on YOU warrior sista. Your zeal for life every damn day make me smile. That view is outstanding. You are fortunate to live near such beauty. I read through the voluntary initiatives and think it's a wonderful start.