Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!

My most Favorite day of the week!

1. Woke up to rain...yesh, this will put a damper on the open houses I am holding today

2.  Mo came home late last night. :) 

3.  I had a flippin killer headache yesterday....which sucked and amazed me at the same was two days earlier I was thinking it had been a while since I had one...and look what happened. 

4.  Did not let said pounding headache stop me from MTB - went out with my buddy Kevin and rode 11 miles - I stayed on his wheel and pushed through wasn't a super fast ride and it hurt like hell.

5.  I love waking up and reading blogs...I love that this is the most untarnished part of my day and I am perfect at this hour. 

6. New points system...every time I turn down a temptation or make the right choice, I am going to give myself a reward. I'll post at the end of the day what my rewards were...
6a. I once worked with a brilliant horse trainer - his motto was "make the wrong thing difficult and the right thing easy"  - this works for dogs, men and horses....will it work for me too?

7. If I can manifest a headache just by thinking about it...then my brian is super powerful.  If picture myself loosing weight and being successful at this and in a really happy, strong place...then it will be

8.  Going MTB again tonight- looking forward to it.  

9. Boot Camp tomorrow - whoop whoop!  Its been months! So excited about it.  As soon as the cash starts flowing my way, I'll do 2-3 classes a week.

10.  Focus on the positive...Its been 5 years since I quit smoking.  I was at least a pack a day smoker...I went cold turkey when it dawned on me  that I was paying "the man" a fuckwad of $$ each week to kill myself.  And yes, I am smug when I see those anti smoking ads on TV.  This victory is a small insight on how my brain works -my decision had nothing to do with health and beating myself up but it was about deciding not to line the pockets of "the Man aka a large evil corporation" with a reward for doing the wrong thing.  Hmmm- can I use this line of thought in my battle of the food monster?

10a.  Using the previous line of thought- I should not buy crap food from corporations because I am rewarding them - giving them money-to create a poor outcome on my body....hmmm - 
I always say - you vote with your dollar - every time you buy something you are voting for that company and sending a message to them that, yes you approve of their values and products....

10b.   I'm going to Stick it to the MAN today and only eat food that is in line with my values.  
10b1 - I am eating Chobani yogurt as I write this - so I did a little research to see if it is in line with my values and... yep as a company it seems great - read about it here . Pretty inspiring.  The only think that irks me is dairy and the dairy industry - but one battle at a time...I'm considering getting back to my vegan ways. 

10. c - Does this rant make sense to anyone or am I having an aneurism from my headache yesterday.


  1. You words are so freaking powerful. I physically found myself nodding at each of your statements. I'm so glad you pushed through and got your bike ride in yesterday. Good for you warrior.

  2. amen sista! I too enjoy reading blogs in the a.m.!

  3. I read blogs even before showering in the morning - it's like a quiet visit with my online friends before my day goes haywire :)

    Sorry for the headache, but WOOT on the bike ride! You go, girl!!

  4. Good job on the riding even with a bad headache. I may have to try and use that line of thinking too!

  5. Mo got home late?! :-/ Hmph. Wait, is this a good thing. Me so confused.

    I think that's an epic train of thought, I never considered that I was funding the manufacturing of all the crap I was pumping into my body... boo!