Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ten Things Thursday! and weigh in


1. I had the worst stuck situation ever yesterday!  I was out for a birthday lunch - It ended up being an After School Special w/ me running to the bathroom to PB.  Holy Painful and embarrassing...
Whatev .. at least I was with good friends who understood.  

2. I now know I can not eat croissants with cheese...Good to know. 

3.  Went running yesterday after the rain...felt pretty good!

4.  I am starting the Crazy Sexy Cleanse tomorrow when the book gets here.  Green Juice and back to my Vegan Ways!  Kris Carr is the Shit!

5.  Holding a major open house today at one of our listings - Free Tennis/Croquet/Wine - I'm a bit nervous but think it should be fun

6.  Roll on Summer - I want to start open water swimming!

7. Going MTB today after work..woop whoop!

8. Dear Diary...if I could get paid (good $) to mountain bike..I would be living the dream...someday...someday

9. I am wondering if I am too tight...

10.  Get outside and enjoy the spring air!  


  1. mmmmm...croissants. Love them, but haven't even attempted one in 6 months. I am afraid I WOULD be able to eat it and wouldn't stop :)

  2. Oh my croissants...LOVE them.....too scared to eat them...I would look like cookie monster at a bake sale!

  3. I'm afraid I am a smidgen too tight as well... which is not condusive to weight loss. For me, it actually means weight gain because I start eating easy foods. :( I am one tired bandster.

  4. If you think that you're too tight, then you are.

    What I've learned from those who have had their bands removed: They always thought they were too tight. Food for thought.

    PS: I want a croissant too :) HUGS!

  5. good luck on the open house.

    The stuck episode sounds painful. You might give it a few days of soft foods and see if you feel any better before you make any unfill decisions.

  6. A) I am back and I heart u!
    B) I love that you could mt bike professionally. Go you!
    C) I hate stuck. Still have never pb'd but stuck is the suck.
    D) I think LBG speaks truth, if you think you are too tight, you probably are.

  7. I'm about to get outside and enjoy the spring air but I just wanted to come by and say hello to you! :)