Thursday, July 21, 2011

Track Workout 1

So did I mention that a bunch of my friends are tri geeks and uber marathoners and ironmen?  I did...
As I was bitching about my super slow running skills (damn 12 minute miles) one of those insane ironwomen suggested we go to the track to do some speed work.  I have no idea what this means...they speak in a language all their own: negative splits? 8 x1 repeat? recovery mile? what tha?
I showed up and my friend had a big grin on her face ~ she announced that she had a workout just for me.  OY!
We started with a half mile jog warm up then did 5 x 200 meters "efforts" - not a total sprint but a lot faster than my usual.  It was pretty hard but about the time I was about to puke it was over.  Good times. I still don't quite understand what Perceived Exertion is but hope to soon. I am so lucky to have the best support system on the planet!  Just about everyone around me is pulling for me and ready to help in anyway possible with my goal of becoming an athlete!
Looking forward to testing the speed out on my next run.
On another note... My new Blog design is almost done!!  Jen @ just foolin Blog Design has done a great job!   So Excited to show everyone!
Oh and its Boot Camp Thursday (90 degrees + and high humidity) not sure about it today - this east coaster is not so used to such extreme heat~


  1. Oh no, 12 minutes per mile?! =P I probably do a 15 minute mile or worse. Eek.

    It's great that all of your friends are so inspiring, I wish mine were more like that! :)

    Have fun at boot camp!

  2. I think YOU are so inspiring in just about everything. Your gusto for life, your kick ass attitude about exercise (/love love) and even your vegan food choices. I'm not there food choice yet, but it isn't completely something I am ruling out. I've already eliminated red meat almost completely.

  3. Wow Cat! Thanks! That means a lot.