Sunday, July 24, 2011

Epic Ride

First ~ Thanks for all of the love on my new blog design ~ gotta give Jen @ just foolinblog design a huge thank you!  If you need some design help go see her  ~ she ROCKS!

I also want to thank Ronnie  and Samantha  for reminding me how important the WHOLE Journey is.  I will never forget where I came from and will try and be compassionate toward the old me ~ its a process...

Today!  I havea long mtb ride with my biker budd, Jflatts ~ a nice 25 miler out and back.  J and I had done the VT50 last year and were often out on these long training rides.  Its been a while since we both had the time to commit to an epic endeavor.  The thing I love most about these Epic rides is the emotional roller coaster and the pure bliss I feel at the end of it.  I am addicted to that spent feeling after pushing it balls to the wall.   The long ride is usually made up of three parts: 1 - the psyched empowered beginning - sense of adventure embarking on a 4 hour journey. 2- we get really quiet and try to just grind it out and push through exhaustion.  3~ the home stretch, we are sloppy tired and giddy, lusting after the post ride Beer  lemon water.

Oh and the best part of this day .... Going to get my VEGAN cake and EAT it too!  I'll post pictures soon.


  1. Glad you took my comment to heart, I think it's really important!

  2. I have to agree with Ronnie, knowing how far you've come is very important.

    I also love the feeling of a great workout where you know you've given it your all.