Monday, July 18, 2011

Quien Es Tu Papi

Weigh in Monday!  
184! Down 3.4 #s!  Sweet! 
I read a great post this morning from Cassie The Lap Bandit.  Ok, its actually a link to another post which is a link to another blog~ but I got to it through her blog - its about Aesthetic Goals .  This really got my attention because I keep saying over and over again to people that  my journey has nothing to do with how I look but more about how I feel.  Getting to goal has to be fun.  Every time I have ever tried (and failed) to loose weight it was about punishing my body to look a certain way and restricting all foods and living a tortured life.  Now that I have adopted a vegan lifestyle and am doing sports that I love ~ mountain biking ~ it is no longer hard ( yes, some days are tough but the overall sum is easy).  I feel great and am having fun, I could do this for the rest of my life.  That is the point right!  Yes, having the band is a big help but we all know it is only about 40%.  By living the life I want I can get the other 60%. 
So check out this post  


  1. I agree with you that lifestyle choices are so important. The band is only about 40% of the equation. Some people like LBG think that the band is even less for them closer to goal and doing maintenance.

  2. I too enjoyed reading Aesthetic Goals. I am at a place in my life that it is about feeling good, being and doing my best, and making the most of what I have. It's not about beating myself up.. Did that, and it didn't work...

    Here's to a better us!