Sunday, July 3, 2011

First Race (8K) is on the Books!

Can I kick it?  (Yes you can!)
First running race ever!  I am flying high now basking in the after glow of 5+ mile run!
Last week I ran the course so I knew it was possible but this morning with all the people, high humidity and sun I was a bit worried.  I told myself it would be fine to walk parts if I needed to.  Getting down my breakfast shake was not happening this morning with the nerves, so I had a gu 15 minutes before the race started and that did the trick! The course was flat which is a bonus b/c I usually am running on rolling hills during the week.  I looked around and saw elite athletes but I also saw people like me.  This was a big relief and took off a lot pressure.  My goal was to beat 1 person.  I did it!  In fact, I think I beat a whole bunch of people~!!  I'll ck out the race results online later.  The best part of the race was after mile 3 I passed a girl who looked very fit but I guess she blew herself out in the beginning of the race.  Slow and Steady...Slow and Steady...So the official time for my 5.05 miles was 1:01 = 12 minute miles no walking.  Exactly what the plan was!
Post race food - 1c soy yogurt and a peach
Lunch - 1/2 cup re fried beans and quinoa with tempeh
Dinner - at my parents house - I'm thinking it will be veggie rice...
Next race - July 16th - 5K - I would like to be doing 11 min miles....


  1. Fantastic! Great time on your race.

  2. Wow- that is great

  3. That is effin' amazing!!! You are a rockstart and a gansta!!!

  4. Oh my WORD, you're amazing!! I'm soooo proud of YOU!! Way to go!