Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Easy Vegan Life....

Being vegan is not hard for me.  I never liked eating flesh and would force it down because I thought I had to.  Now, most days I forget that I am vegan because my food choices are what I enjoy and I never feel like I am missing out.  I start every day with a shake - blueberry or chocolate and peanut butter.  Lunch is pretty easy for me too - I work near a chutney place and have Indian style veggies over rice with chutney ~ very easy .. or i'll grab some roasted tofu or have half of an avocado tomato sandwich with sprouts or left overs from dinner - like coco rice with cilantro and black beans (mmmmm).  Even when I go out with friends there is generally something on the menu that is vegan and I will have that - most of my friends are veggie too so there are no funny looks.

But every once in a while .... I get a hankering... for fresh mozzarella ~ oh my I'm already drooling just talking about it.
I try and stop myself.....
I try and remember all I learned from the China Study and from what I have seen on Food inc  and read in Skinny Bitch.
Cow's milk  is for cows!
The protein casein that is in dairy is a trigger for cancer....  was the cow factory farmed? Was it's calf kept in a tight stall for veal? Are there hormones in the cheese? Am I contributing to global warming?  And by the time my brain has started to explode I will look down and see the cheese has a huge bite out of it....urgh ~ mindful eating ~ Not!

I think life is about averages...I am vegan 99.9999% of the time.  A bite ( thank god for the lap band or it would be the whole ball)  of farm fresh mozzarella will not kill me and does not mean I have compromised my values.  Next time I should just skip the head drama and kick back and enjoy me some cheese.....

Here's to averages and not beating ourselves up over the little slip ups!


  1. I'm not vegan, not even vegetarian but I have to tell you all the vegan dishes you described sound delish and I very well may consider having a couple of vegetarian days from time to time instead of relying on mostly animal sources for my protein. I'm a firm believer in 90/10 and what I do consistently is who I am. So don't beat yourself up, maybe next time consider organic animal friendly farming and just enjoy the mozz! : )

  2. Cow's milk IS for cows. Cheese and dairy gives me the heebee jeebees. I eat it every once in a while, but nowhere near as much as I used to after watching Food Inc. *shudder*

    Thank goodness for soymilk.