Thursday, July 7, 2011

I am over you Lane Bryant

Its over.  I just don't need you anymore.  I know, I know, I used to love you.  I would get so excited to visit you, and you always made me feel so pretty and smart (with your great sales).  I am glad we got to know each other ~ you even saved me from some awkward situations and helped me to develop a style of my own.  But I must bid you adieu ~ we are no longer the right fit.  I have erased all evidence of you ~ my closets are now empty and I refuse to keep your things lurking in the back ~ just in case my new life doesn't work out and I need you once again.  Nope ~ say farewell ~ you can stop sending me flyers in the mail, emails saying you want me back and don't beg me back with your Real Women Dollars ~ it won't work this time. I've moved on.  I am falling for Ralph, Michael, Calvin, Coco and Tory.  Only time will tell who will be my next love ~ I am sampling whats out there, so many choices so little money.  It already is so worth it.
Fare well ~ I have no regrets


  1. I can't wait to be in a size 14 and never need to go back to LB again too.

  2. I've already done my farewell to LB even though technically I can still shop there. I loved them when they provided me with fashion when the department stores thought for some reason I would only wear baggy t-shirts with bunnies on them or something.