Thursday, July 14, 2011

Great Minds think alike -

I was just reading what Drazil has been up to and I swear she is in my head!  I was just going to do a post about my husband's inability to just hug!  I have been having a hard time adjusting to this new flood of affection but I will survive.  As for the Wax ~ I have it my head as a reward (not sure for who) when I hit 185 ~ that I will be going to get a brazillian wax ~ which would in no way help the hugging (or lack there of)!  Having never done anything like that I am nervous and am appear to be self sabotaging with peanut butter.  I just need to get on with it!
Today is Boot Camp ~ the best day of the whole week ~ a chance to socialize and push my body to its limit.  Finally the weather here has cooled, so I'll be off for a long run this morning ~ addicted much ~ you bet!
Today's Goal~ accept my fate of reaching 185 and lay off the peanut butter ~ Eat some damn fresh veggies today and plan some Damn meals!