Sunday, July 10, 2011

~ Pictures ~

So here are some more photos - I am about 13 weeks post op down from 241 to 186.4 (yesterday ~ not an official weigh in).  I had my husband take some pictures of me this morning as we were heading out for a ride.  The ride was great 14 miles and 2 hours with some great friends out in the woods and along the shore.  Thought I'd add some trail pictures too ~ because I am a bike nerd!
Oh and yes those are the cute Shebeest knickers that I bought two years ago and just fit into this week ~ booyah!


  1. Wow, that's great! Lookin' good!!!

  2. You're looking absolutely fabulous!! Way to GO!!

  3. Congratulations on yoru loss. That is amazing. You are kicking ass!!

    You look great.

  4. You look phenomenal, you've lost an extremely IMPRESSIVE amount of weight. :)