Thursday, July 21, 2011

The GREAT Vegan Cake Quest!

My mom is doing my b-day dinner on Sunday night.  I love seeing my family and celebrating the greatest day of the year!  They have been exposed to all kinds of wacky food requests and diets for me over the years but the Vegan thing is really throwing them for a loop.  I generally make a dish to bring over ~ god bless them but it ain't pretty when they try to cook outside their comfort zone.  I don't mind cooking - I always try to make something super yummy that any carnivore would love ~ I feel as if I am an ambassador for vegan-ism and that by making yummy food, people will want to give up meat ~ no pressure on me!

My father has the hardest time with it ~ generally our conversations go like this:

Dad: Hey, Ness would you like some sword fish?
Me: Dad I don't eat animals
Dad: Its fish
Me: No thanks
Dad: Can I get you some lobster salad on a cracker?
Me: Dad, I don't eat meat
Dad: Its not meat its lobster.
Me: I don't eat anything that was living or came from something living.
Dad: Its not living any more
Me: Can I have some hummus?
Dad: There is cheese there for you too
Me: Thanks, but I'll have the hummus

Dad: You should come and see these steaks ~ they are done perfectly
Me: No thanks ~ have you tried the Tofu Thai Satay I made?
Dad:  I just had some bacon wrapped scallops ~ you should have some they are real good
Me: I'm sure they are.

So for my birthday instead of cooking a cake that is so/so I want to order one from the best vegan bakery on the Planet ~ Babycakes in NYC!  To help prove my point - food doesn't have to contain animals to be awesome! Their baked goods are the holy grail of vegan goodies -- I would crawl on my hands and knees to eat their cupcakes.  So I told my parents I would take care of the cake ~ one problem ~ I forgot to order my own Birthday cake! Who does that.  I missed the deadline for shipping overnight and now have posted on Facebook to see if anyone I know is driving this way from NYC on Saturday or Sunday.  OY!  Fingers crossed that this happens! I have a Hail Mary call into a friend who is a baker locally to see if she can make me one hell of a cake - made with agave and gluten free.

Ok - now I'm starving for some cake - DAMMIT! -


  1. Those cupcakes look devine.

  2. Where are you Vanessa? I live in NYC and if you're on my way to my brother's in NJ or something of the like, I'll make a pit stop for your birthday!

  3. Hi Vanessa, I am jumping up and down to have found you! I thought I was the only vegetarian with a Lap-band in the whole world! I'm not vegan (anymore), but I have been a vegetarian since I was 19 (almost 19 years - holy fuck, Batman!). I am laughing at your dad story. My family has always been very supportive, but they do like to make fun of me and my two veggie daughters at family meals. I always say, "Oh, good. Now we've gotten to the part of the meal where we make fun of the vegetarians." My grandma is also a vegetarian (inspired by me, I think). She's 82. Anyway, I am so happy to have found you and I can't wait to catch up on your blog.

    BTW I was banded in February of 2010 and lost 114 lbs. I'm now at goal and I feel great!

    I also have pet chickens. I wouldn't eat eggs that didn't come from my backyard.

  4. Jammy! Thanks so much! I'm out in East Hampton - the opposite direction. I'm considering driving in and doing a 4hr round trip!

  5. Those look and sound amazing. I would order them (or hell, even just a couple) anyway, you still deserve some cake for your birthday!

  6. Hi!
    Im your newest follower! Im not banded yet, but have my consult tomorrow so, I hope to be soon! I dont know anyone with the band so I decided to do some googling to "meet" people that have it!

    I started a blog too ( but there isnt much there yet. Hope to have a lot to write about soon!

  7. I used a really good vegan chocolate cake recipe for my "vegetarian" unit with my students.. If you want it let me know and I will find it or at least try to.

    I also could give you a vegan buttercream recipe which you can make whatever flavor...vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter....

  8. Oh man, I'd do a drive to bring you cupcakes for a day in East Hampton! lol I haven't been out that way in years. Have a happy birthday. Shout if you come to the city!

  9. Ivy! Thanks so much! I found someone local to make my cake. I'll be in nyc in the fall - I stay in the west village at my cousin's place. I def give you a shout!

  10. Hi there
    I just found your blog and I am laughing so hard I nearly peed my pants...the convo with your dad is so funny and just like a dad to not fully understand or want to hold out that his daughter would still eat funny....
    Anyway I was banded 3-31-11 and am down 50 lbs and am your newest folower. Happy Birthday and I so hope you can get your cake. BTW the bakery sounds awesome and will try it the next time I am in NYC. Oh and I love recipes and new products so post away as I will be following.