Monday, July 25, 2011

Oh Hell YES! and weigh in..

Best Cake Ever (vegan too)
Went to my pre b-day party @ my Parents house last night.  I'm so glad I did that epic ride before because I had an express train of guacamole to my mouth!  Such a great evening!  My mom made veggie lasagna in my honor and there was no meat to be seen!  Ok, some crab cakes for the rest of the gang but over all I was impressed. 

I adore spending time with my Grandmother.  She is such a class act and lover of life (and bridge).  I lived with her for a time when I was between houses in my 20s and I really got to know her.  It was similar to living with Lucille Ball.  She shouldda been in the movies!  She is always up for a good time and the running joke is that she has leave early to get to the local bar to dance for money.... where that came from I don't know but she really gets going with the whole thing! Too funny.

Today is weigh in ~ we'll see how much damage the cake and guac did ~ my band only got tight when eating salad ~ the guac and cake went down just fine ~ of course....
The results are ~ 182.8 that's a 1.2# loss.

I also learned a lesson this morning ~ Thou shalt not bring home leftover cake and then eat a slice for breakfast ~ feel guilty and try to go running with it sitting the stomach....gross. 
Cake is in the bin now ~ no mas!


  1. Cake looks delish. I sent all cake leftovers home with my dad. He can afford the calories.
    Which day is actually the birthday?
    Also, your grandmother sounds great.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday and OMGoodness, that cake looks yummy!

    I took down the note for future reference - No running after you had your b day cake for breakfast ; )

  3. HAPPY BDAY!! AND CONGRATS ON THE WEIGHT LOSS!!! YOU'RE DOING SO GREAT~! The cake looks fab. You and I need to get together and write a book of short stories about our grandmothers! Mine was quite the Luci too!! I'll cherish my memories of her forever! Have a great week!